Friday, April 10, 2009

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Head!

The BBC and Alternet treat us to yet another "clever" and "enlightened" column about how low-quality and stupid porn is: "You and I... we're just too urbane and sophisticated to REALLY enjoy such lowbrow dreck, right?" (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Yeah, right. Like we've never EVER read or heard the "for RESEARCH purposes only ga-hyuck ga-hyuck" line before.

Personally, I find James's posturing much more annoying and offensive than any porn I've ever seen (well, almost any).

The cute little "American" thrown in his mishmash of demeaning adjectives makes me even less kindly disposed to James or his transparently admiration-seeking puff piece. Charming how, among his handy cliches, he resorts to the handy old standby - the crass, lowbrow American stereotype.

James's dismissal of the arousing effects of porn says more about his diminished libido than the quality of the genre.

Porn's an easy target, and usually nobody's willing to stand up and publicly defend it - who wants to admit to the world that they masturbate while watching others perform sex?

But eventually, after all the opportunistic public detractors have faded from the public's memory, porn continues to flourish and grow in popularity. In fact, yesterday's porn is inevitably elevated to the status of today's cultural treasures - witness Betty Page, Russ Meyer, D.H. Lawrence, Geoffrey Chaucer, etc., etc. Do we even need to mention the Greco-Roman era or Japanese pillow books?

People have never voluntarily lost interest in porn and never will. The popularity of hack writing, on the other hand....?


MegaMan the Madman said...

Amazingly that the ideology..I won't mention them.. that derides porn..has the greatest viewership..Lots of guilt there..More damage is caused by demonizing or criminalizing something that people will do anyway than..just letting things be..

New American Patriot said...

Yes. Generally, the ones deriding the loudest are the ones secretly wishing for that very thing the most. As Shakespeare put it, "Methinks she doth protest overmuch".

Witness the recent antigay and antipedophelia Congressional scandals for example.

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