Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Bush Push: A New Metaphor for Taking a Big Fat Dump

Continuing the legacy that's made him such a popular guy around the world, Bush has rammed a few more spectacularly evil final "fuck you's" down the collective throat of the country he has ruthlessly betrayed, bankrupted and permanently hobbled in an historically unprecedented eight-year orgy of plutocratic greed, brutality and corruption.

Chronologically, if not morally, Mr. Bush's crowning achievement in monumental fuckuppery and paralyzingly amoral greed certainly has to be the $700 billion dollar pre-Christmas prezzie to the evil fucks that have been throwing American men, women and children on the streets in Third-World numbers, a move Rep. Dennis Kucinich characterized as "opening up a financial whirlpool of insatiable greed" that "will never be enough".

Rep. Major Owens is no less critical:
Look closely and see how a Ponzi scheme concocted by America's best and brightest, with superb logarithms and mysterious hedge fund equations, is launched for a second time within thirty years. It is the Savings and Loan (S&L) debacle all over again.

As it was in the era of the S&L swindle the collapse of many FDIC regulated banks is emerging simultaneously with the collapse of the chartered entities -- Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae -- which have a greater moral claim for more direct federal assistance. As it was in the earlier bailout, we can anticipate that the rescue operations will be legislatively merged as the FDIC coffers are emptied and new schemes are invented to assist powerful depositors -- Arab sheiks, Asian corporate czars, etc. -- whose accounts total more than the guaranteed 100 thousands dollars.

So how's that sweet little deal progressing?
"It's a mess," said Eric M. Thorson, the Treasury Department's inspector general, who has been working to oversee the bailout program until the newly created position of special inspector general is filled. "I don't think anyone understands right now how we're going to do proper oversight of this thing."
OVERSIGHT?!? WTF?!? What, was anyone really expecting ACCOUNTABILITY or HONESTY from the "party" that brought us such greatest hits as the Katrina disaster, Abu Ghraib, and the Mansonesque war crimes of the Iraq occupation?!?

Get ready, cause here it comes, as Bush takes a final giant crap on the country:
Allowing factory farms to freely dump countless tons of shit into waterways without restriction;
Okaying poison in human drinking water;
Removing scientific advisors from development projects;
Leasing parklands and protected wilderness for strip mining;
Allowing more lead emissions into the air;
Cutting aid to sex slaves; and
Creating a loophole to exempt some power plants from providing pollution controls

But wait; there's more:
Animals and plants in danger of becoming extinct could lose the protection of government experts who make sure that dams, highways and other projects don't pose a threat, under regulations the Bush administration is set to put in place before President-elect Obama can reverse them.

The rules must be published Friday to take effect before Obama is sworn in Jan. 20. Otherwise, he can undo them with the stroke of a pen.

The Interior Department rushed to complete the rules in three months over the objections of lawmakers and environmentalists who argued that they would weaken how a landmark conservation law is applied.

A Nov. 12 version of the final rules obtained by the Associated Press has changed little from the original proposal, despite the more than 250,000 comments received since it was first proposed in August.

The rules eliminate the input of federal wildlife scientists in some endangered species cases, allowing the federal agency in charge of building, authorizing or funding a project to determine for itself if it is likely to harm endangered wildlife and plants.

Current regulations require independent wildlife biologists to sign off on these decisions before a project can go forward, at times modifying the design to better protect species.

The regulations also bar federal agencies from assessing emissions of the gases blamed for global warming on species and habitats, a tactic environmentalists have tried to use to block new coal-fired power plants.
Fortunately, there are signs of sanity in other parts of the globe, as Macedonia plants six MILLION trees in a single day
and Canada steps in to save a super forest.

So here's my vote for theme song for Bush's final day in office:



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