Friday, September 05, 2008

Let the Liefest Begin....

Let's start with the ever-scintillating Jon Stewart, who brilliantly juxtaposes the frightwing's most notorious coin-operated lie dispensers against... themselves:

And then, lo and friggin' BEHOLD, wonder of all wonders, the AP (now america's ONLY national wire agency) actually does some fact-checking on the GOP convention speeches:

But let's not forget the snowballing scandalfest that is Sarah Palin herself. So who is the GOP's last-minute VP pick?

Funny, a lot of people seem to be asking that: 2-year Alaska governor; twice mayor of a small town (pop 9,780, called Wasilla. Was under investigation for having fired the town's police chief, ostensibly for having supported her opponent during the election. The judge ruled that firing the chief, even for purely political reasons, was not a crime.

She's currently under investigation for something similar - firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, ostensibly because HE refused to fire a state trooper who had divorced Palin's sister.

It gets worse:
Palin also believes abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape, incest and even if it would save the mother's life. Known to be extremely conservative in her stances on the abortion, the military and religion, she is also aggressively in favor of oil drilling and weakening environmental protection laws.

She's a global warming skeptic, wants mandatory creationism teaching, wants to further increase the health-care costs for patients and wants to ban all stem-cell research.

And, while she hasn't SPECIFICALLY endorsed public stonings for adultery yet, I'm taking a "wait and see" approach....

Additionally, she recently claimed to have given birth to Trig, a baby with Down Syndrome, but was suspiciously active (running 8 km, etc.) and not "showing" at all within days of the birth. This was so "remarkable" that many colleagues publicly commented on it.

However, contemporary photos(suspiciously removed right after the VP announcement) on the official Alaska state website showed Palin's 16-year-old daughter with a marked paunch (although obviously otherwise slender in build).

Apparently worried about the evidence that the aforementioned juicy family pictures contained (that is, before they were mysteriously pulled from the official Alaska state website the day after McCain's VP pick announcement)

Palin suddenly made the announcement that her 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant. Hmmm, sure doesn't explain this March 9, 2007 family pic:

or this one

or this video, taken just two months before little Tyke was born, while 16-year-old Palin was in her 4th month of extended absence from school for "mononucleosis" (after several of her classmates said she was pregnant). (Grand)ma appears surprisingly trim and spry for a lady TWO MONTHS BEFORE GIVING BIRTH (lookiter GO!!! - and nice little comment about how she loves to "thrash her guts running up these hills")....

A month later, Governor Palin shocked her staff and colleagues by publicly announcing she was 7 months pregnant. People were reportedly stunned by the news, as she gave no signs whatsoever.

Conveniently enough, Palin reported going into labor while on an airplane, although all the flight crew reported a completely uneventful flight.....


More entertaining/enlightening vids:

Aside from that, she and her wayward young daughter certainly give me a boner. Hope like hell she and McLame lose. Perhaps then humanity might survive more than another few decades. Call me an optimist.


Ronaldus Magnus said...
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New American Patriot said...

Someone didn't even watch the videos.

"Killing children in the womb?!?" WTF man, how about "Killing children OUT of the womb"?!? That all seems A-okay with rightwing "Christians" today....

Ronaldus Magnus said...
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