Monday, May 21, 2007

suhportin' th' troops....

... or not.

Ever noticed how (neo)conservative policies inevitably center around imposing restrictions upon others? Generally in a way that confers exclusive privileges upon themselves? And often with indiscriminately nasty tactics?

Case in point:

Dan Frazier in Flagstaff Arizona has been shipping t-shirts with a list of names of American soldiers killed in Mr. Bush's Iraq occupation, along with a large red Kipling quote superimposed over the list:

"If Any Question Why We Died, Tell Them, Because Our Fathers Lied." or the alternate, more succint paraphrase "Bush Lied. They Died".

Now two states have introduced legislation trying to make it illegal to wear or sell the shirts and Arizona is trying to follow suit. There is also legislation pending that would make it a crime nationwide.

In the proud tradition of appropriating Orwellian irony such as "War is Peace" or the knee-slapper that hiding photos and videos of Iraqis we were torturing or murdering in prison was protecting their rights, the Bush gang are happy to opportunistically capitalize upon dead American soldiers when it furthers their warped agenda.

Each small political victory they score is yet another slash in the reeling American body politic. Stand up and fight back while you still can.

Quote of the Day:
"'s the new immoral right they wanna cleanse the home of the brave for the master race of the usa it's so beautiful on the street you won't know them like a pack of wolves in sheeps' clothing spreading wide, spreading far not just another false alarm it's so beautiful america -- i got my bible america -- i got my handgun america -- now i'm ready america -- home of the brave america - and the home of the slaves america -- now i'm ready but are you?"-DOA, "America the Beautiful"

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