Tuesday, March 20, 2007

'Tis but the tip of one very stinky iceberg....

Hoo boy!

The dirt's a-startin' to fly as the fired attorneys story gains traction.

It's turning into a rather messy, complicated game of connect-the-dots with what initially looks to be a seriously damning trail of document and email breadcrumbs leading straight to the doorstep of -- wait for it -- his dark majesty, the vice-megalomaniac-and-profiteer-in-chief.

If subsequent illuminations continue apace along the same path, the Red House is about to implode in a great stinking cloud of its own corruption.

Speaking entirely metaphorically, of course, thanks very much, Mr. Secret Service Man.

Check it out, and get ready for a celebratory Snoopy dance or two as the disclosures tumble out one by one before our eyes:

Hoo hah.

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