Monday, November 06, 2006


"Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose" -- We have come full circle, it seems. Having "evolved" socially and politically, from the days where white men of privilege gleefully celebrated the gruesome public killings of "uppity" dark-skinned folk, Americans claimed the mantle of moral superiority; now -- all ostensibly in the name of the Christian God of Love and Peace -- George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld will proudly trumpet their triumph over the publicly dangling corpse of Saddam Hussein -- a man at least two of them directly aided in the very crimes for which they are lynching him.

The film footage of Reagan envoy Donald Rumsfeld smiling and cheerfully shaking hands with Hussein while brokering the arms and cash deals that consolidated his iron rule may be well-known; perhaps less so is Hussein's role as our CIA "go-to guy", or Cheney's back-room deals that helped support the now-doomed dictator.

The tragic yet ultimately apt irony is that George Bush Jr. may well herald this repulsive act -- the politically expedient, deliberately misguided slaughter of a former American intelligence tool -- as the crowning glory of his "career" in the White House.

And of course those devout "Christians" enjoying the offically-sanctioned release of long-repressed sado-erotic thrills who savor the lynching of Hussein as a vindication -- revenge for the events of September 2001 -- will be handily and willfully ignoring the well-documented fact that Hussein had no involvement whatsoever in the World Trade Center attacks, just as they handily and willfully ignore the very teachings of the Christ they purport to follow.

Perhaps the White House might have gained more pre-election traction had they sentenced the sad, befuddled-looking former dictator to a public drawing and quartering, or televised Abu Ghraib-style beatings and torture.

Such hypocrisy and politically expedient evil is paralleled by today's revelation that yet another rightwing leader built his fortune on teaching millions of religious American extremists to hate an entire segment of society while secretly engaging in the very practices he denounced, adding credence to the growing conventional wisdom that a Republican's secret vices can be seen by the crusades he or she engages in.

But the real tragedy is that Haggard, who brought so much pain and misery to his fellow gay Americans could have avoided his own self-indulgently Wagnerian destruction by a simple act of courageous honesty -- by choosing not to wake up every morning and make the deliberate, conscious decision to further a lifelong career built upon life-destroying lies.

Ann Coulter and Bill O' Rielly, the darling conservative posterchildren of the Two Minute Hate, have been caught red-handed in deliberate, arrogant subversions of the very ideals of American freedom they so arrogantly bluster about, while repulsive media sibling and serial drug addict Rush Limbaugh sinks to new lows by mocking the spasms of a chronically-ill American media hero.

Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld's hubris has earned him the position of the most despised civilian leader in the history of the Pentagon.

These defining moments may well be the historical legacies for which these once-proud American conservatives are remembered. As for America, tomorrow will be ours, and will decide our fate: if we pulled back from the brink of self-destruction in the nick of time, or if we allowed the momentum of aggression and greed to hurl us to a final ignoble end.

Quote of the Day:

"Our Father high in heaven -- smile down upon your son
who's busy with his money games, his women and his gun....

"And the unsung Western hero killed an Indian or three
and made his name in Hollywood to set the white man free."

"If Jesus saves -- well, He'd better save Himself
from the gory glory seekers who use His name in death."

--"Hymn 43", Ian Anderson

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