Monday, July 03, 2006

Video: Joan Jett Gets Freaky w/Carmen Electra & Calls Bush a Lying SOB....

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... more or less.

Joan Jett's jumping back into headlines with a bit of calculated (though nonetheless quite enjoyable) hype crafted by some savvy publicist:

A month before the release of Jett's new album "Sinner", Baywatch beauty Carmen Electra announced to the salivating press she "grew up harbouring a secret lesbian crush" on the 70s pop star. As "luck" would have it, this got her featured as Jett's girlfriend in "AC/DC", a slick cover of the (amazing 70's glam-anger rock band) the Sweet's brash anthem about a bisexual girlfriend.

Also noteworthy on the album is "Riddles" (featuring the ever-befuddled voice of George Bush), which takes the boy-king's "Administration" (sic) to task for the Iraq war and its use of propaganda to mislead Americans into supporting policies counter to their own self-interests.

While Jett's music isn't terribly complex or original, she's always represented a bold, gutsy defiance that has been inspiring. And, though I personally have to beat back the compulsion to hurl speakers out of the nearest window when I'm subjected to "I Love Rock and Roll", her cover of "Crimson and Clover" is quite beautiful in its own right.

So here's hoping she meets with some of her former success, as she's certainly earned it, through sheer persistence, if nothing else.

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