Friday, June 02, 2006

Meet Th' Perfeser....

Some anonymous, comma-use challenged "Perfeser" has decided to wax coherent and use me as his personal shining example of the "lyin' heathen media bastards". Lacking the proximity to boot him in the nuts, I have to settle for the metaphoric equivalent (albeit with a few haste-induced misspellings); to wit:

blah blah blah go fuck yourself blah

Who knows; perhaps this sad tool's not even a real professor. I certainly hope that's the case, as any students he might have are being exposed to the some seriously mind-warping distortions of reality.


A Garanimal said...

Can you really think of nothing better to say in a verbal attack?

How sad.

JenniA said...

Grammatical error buddy - always shall a punctuation be inside the quotation. Even if it is a lone word at the end of the "sentence." ALWAYS. This is a pet peeve of mine. Oh you should make sure to screw up like this when you post of the professor's notes.

New American Patriot said...
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New American Patriot said...


If the sentence is completely quoted material, the punctuation stays inside the quotes.

But good try there, sport.

And you meant "foul" language, not "fowl" (which would mean I was speaking chicken.