Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sure, but can YOU say "Embarrassing Assclown"?

I, assclown.

Whew. Bet Jim Walton's already reaching for the ulcer medicine over THIS astute little hire.

Because occasionally, one is confronted with a piece of television dreck so wincingly awful, the reflex impulse is to literally cover one's eyes and softly moan, "NOooo.... They didn't just SAY that...."

And my God, if CNN wanted to demonstrate how eager they were to shed all vestiges of credibility and get it on with the White House like beer-bloated frat boys at a Spring Break pool party, they couldn't have chosen a more appropriate spokestool than this buffoon, in what must surely be television's crowning moment in assclownery.

Nothing says "I don't really want this job" quite like a nice healthy bout of sexual harassment on internationally-syndicated television.

This entire segment is so shockingly, eye-poppingly stupid one can't help but wonder if it wasn't some ticking ratings time bomb set up by a rival network to instantly bury CNN's credibility in a mudslide of public disdain from which it could never emerge.

I can hear it now. The James Earl Jones rumble:

"This is CNN.
Try not to snicker."

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rougy said...

"I'm not wearing any pants...."

Pure class.