Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Daily Kos Wins Media Awareness Award...

You gotta hand it to those cats over at Daily Kos -- now that they're swimming in cash, they can pretty much tell all the little people to fuck off with impunity.

I mean, who cares about stories or comments coming from someone with a blog of only 130,000 visits in the last year, right?

Even if those stories DO concern World War III.

So when I tried to get them to say something about Rice offering a nuclear reactor to allow the US to attack Iran from Turkey, they didn't just ignore me, or even just delete my comments. No; "Plutonium Page" (what a fucking retarded pen-name; are we back in grade school again?) had to add the nifty little snark:

"Please refrain from e-mailing me again, or I will contact the gmail server administrators."

So, for not only ignoring messages, deleting posts and acting like imperious primadonnas, but for irresponsibly ignoring a story they are in the best position of the entire leftist blogosphere to cover, a story of plans which may well eventually lead to the extinction of all life on the planet, they so richly deserve this.

Here's a hearty "go fuck yourselves" to all the folks at Kos.


Big Daddy Malcontent said...

No surprise. This is the same guy who was banning commenters for suggesting 9/11 was an inside job.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you don't understand how Kos works. You sign up for an account, and you write a diary. If people agree with you about its worthiness as a story -- and if they think YOU covered it in a compelling way -- they will recommend it. Once a diary has been recommended, it -might- get put on the front page. Or, sometimes lately there have been front page posts of good non-recommended diaries. Point is, you trying to talk someone else into doing the work for you would make sense if Kos were a traditional medium. But it's not, it's citizen driven. This post makes it look like you didn't try very hard to understand what you were getting into before you threw up your hands in disgust.

Christopher King said...

You go straight to the blogroll.


New American Patriot said...



I contacted the administrators, urging them to writre about this. My making an obscure diary buried among all the others would be less than useless. But thanks for the tips.


FDR Statue In Every County said...

I love this. Can I buy that statue somewhere? I was blogging on Daily Kos for the past few months, but I've stopped for good as of today. They absolutely are imperious primadonnas.

When I responded to a commentor who was horrified at the price of John Edwards' haircut, the nuts came out of the woodwork. This commentor claimed to be an Edwards contributor. I didn't think he was a contributor and told him so. If he was an Edwards supporter he wouldn't care about Edwards' haircut. I also said said he was mouthing Limbaugh's talking points on Edwards' hair. Limbaugh started calling him "Breck Girl," after all.

Well, for critcizing this "respected commentor," I was rated a troll, had comments deleted/hidden, told to fuck off, etc.

Today, in my last comment ever on that site, I gave my own hearty "go fuck yourselves" to all the folks at Kos:

"Considering the abuse that I've taken here for committing the unforgivable sin of being a liberal who will actually take his own side in an argument, I decided to read word-for-word the dKospedia. I wish I'd read it sooner.

It's clear from reading it that this site is intended to be nothing more than an echo chamber. I'm looking to have a debate and defend progressive principles. I am not a Democrat, but I am a democrat. The only speech that an effective political blog bans is that which is not protected under the First Amendment. This site bans any speech that a handful of shrill "trusted users" decides to "troll-rate" into silence.

The dKospedia says if one doesn't agree with all the draconian restrictions placed on speech here, one should leave and find another site. Those are the smartest words I've read on this site for the last couple days.

So I'm going to cancel my registration on this site and leave you sniveling shrews to enjoy yourselves in your mutual circle-jerk."

Kossacks aren't progressive; they're a wanna-be politburo.