Tuesday, May 09, 2006

BBC Interviews Hacker who Breached DOD, NASA for TWO YEARS -- Claims Proof of Extraterrestrials on USGOV Computers

Maybe he's making the UFO part of it up, but he genuinely got into the NASA, Army, USAF and Navy networks, hacked for "a couple of years", describes HOW HE DID IT and how:

"...There was a permanent tenancy of foreign hackers. You could run a command when you were on the machine that showed connections from all over the world, check the IP address to see if it was another military base or whatever, and it wasn't."
He's being taken seriously enough to be extradited and prosecuted in America. They want to give him 60 to 70 years, claiming he caused $700,000 in damage to the computers, which he denies and patently makes no sense, considering he used a perl blank-password searching script and PCAnywhere to sit and quietly monitor these machines.

Check out the video. Even if only the two-year hack part of what he says is true, this is very spooky stuff.

Update: The HARDCORE of the hardcore hackers at Slashdot.org (a site I trust completely as a certified technician) seem to be of a general consensus on this story:

- he's an idiot
- he should be tried in a UK court

70 years in prison in a country he never visited to perform his alleged crime? That's not proportionate.
Other posters added:

...I would think that if the U.S. government really suspected that he saw something as important as evidence that aliens exist, that we wouldn't even know this guy existed.

...McKinnon isn't judged because he's a moron, he's judged because he exposed that the most powerful nation in the world has the weakest information security in the world - and the US wants to punish him for that.

...The only real crime worth talking about here is the lack of security. If I was walking down a street in London and saw a door marked "Ministry of Defence. Top Secret. UFO archive." I'd probably keep on walking - unless the door was wide open. Then I might just peek inside out of curiosity. Now if it turned out to be the real deal how the hell could anyone with a brain and a conscience prosecute me for that?

Mr McKinnon is not entirely innocent but he is quite right to be concerned about being extradited to a country that seems to feel that it can suspend the rule of law in order to best fit the fear-mongering 'everyone that's not with us is against us', "we'll get the terr'rists" mentality.

Perhaps if the US didn't have such a ghastly recent history this wouldn't be a problem. But the fact is that noone outside the US is ignorant of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, the foreign torture flights - you name it. And the type of people currently running the Pentagon, NSA, CIA and indeed Whitehouse are hardly grounds for giving the US justice system the benefit of any doubt whatsoever.
We know these people have little or no regard for equal human rights. We know these people will happily bend, ignore or entirely circumvent their own laws to suit their own needs.

We know that innocents have been mistreated, tortured or killed during this administration's watch.

We also know that Gary McKinnon is pretty harmless, and unsurprisingly didn't actually manage to do any harm to the world's biggest military and technical power.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that if us Brits could still trust americans to practise what they preach then we wouldn't have a problem sending him over for his wrist-slapping. But sadly we can't. And we don't want to see another British subject subjected to media-friendly kangaroo courts that do little more than to quench the american right's thirst for heads to roll - whether they're the right heads or not.

Expect colorful histrionics whatever the full truth may or may not be.

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