Tuesday, May 02, 2006

At the Rubicon: US Asks Turkey to Host Iran Attack

YNet News reports we are at the threshold of the most terrifying moment in human history: a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran. Contrary to the public story, the Bush Administration is proceeding full speed ahead, Congressional authorization be damned:

Turkey won't let U.S. attack Iran from its land
Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said Sunday that his country refused a request from the United States to attack Iran from its Air Force base in Incirlik, despite the U.S. offer of a nuclear reactor, according to a report in Al Biyan.

In an interview for the United Arab Emirates newspaper, Gul noted that America's efforts to attack Iran are "imaginary" and that Turkey's stance is "strategic" and refuses the use of its land for any belligerent activity against neighboring countries. (Roee Nahmias)(04.30.06, 10:34)
Update: The story has been confirmed by a second source, the Jerusalem Post, which says:

Turkey won't allow US to use its bases
Turkey does not intend to allow the United States to launch an attack against Iran from the Inchirlik military base, Turkish news agencies reported Sunday. Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul told the Dubai-based al-Bayan that he doubted the US would ultimately choose to take military action, as "Iran has its own strategic advantages."

Gul said that facilitating an attack against a neighboring country was "not an option," despite the US offer to build Turkey a nuclear reactor as a counterbalance to Iran's expanding nuclear facilities. Turkey has long sought to develop nuclear power to make up for a limited supply of domestic energy and to reduce dependence on energy supplies from Iran and Russia and has chosen the coastal city of Sinop as the site of the country's first nuclear power plant.

However, only Saturday, thousands rallied in Sinop to protest the planned nuclear facility. Calls for Turkey to develop alternative energy sources were widespread during the past winter, when unexplained cuts in the supply of natural gas from Iran forced many companies to lower or entirely stop production. Turkey first announced plans to build a reactor in 1996, but the project has repeatedly been put on hold due to financial problems.

Turkey's refusal to comply with the US request was another indication of the growing tension between the two nations, which, according to Gul, have not "seen a single day of positive stability since the Islamic party was elected to power [in 2002]."
Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio has drafted a resolution specifically prohibiting Bush from launching a pre-emptive war on Iran without Congressional authorization.

Write a personalized email to all of your Congressmen demanding they support the DeFazio's resolution. Get the word out NOW. FIGHT this NOW.

Nothing in your entire lifetime will be more important than what you choose to do about this coming crisis.

Quote of the Day:
"I don't know what weapons World War Three will be fought with, but World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones."
-- Albert Einstein


Mike G. said...

Thank you for this breaking news. I'm sorry I'm not hearing about it on the Corporate Controlled Concervative Media.

(BTW, your America Stands with Cindy link has a typo. (Too many H's.)

Anonymous said...

To attack Iran, is crazy. All our forces will be in the middle east. Leaving. Russia, China and North Korera, to counter attack while our back is turned.


DeFazio's resolution should be for IMPEACHMENT.

Precisely what good will it do when
a) a Republican-controlled Congress gives him the authority, or
b) the Congress doesn't give him the authority and Bush does it anyway?

Friends, it's either impeachment or military coup. And it looks to me like the thoroughly stinking corrupt Congress isn't about to impeach him.

Sorry, Mr. Liberal Dose, but that's the way I see it.

Professor Smartass said...

I passed this on to my friends and family, and it's posted on Buzzflash.com.

Great find.

Anonymous said...
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New American Patriot said...


No need to apologize; I've often thought the same in moments of frustration.

Rosie said...

These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.