Sunday, April 16, 2006

The End of the Bully Era?

This month, investigations into the Clinton Administration finally came to a quiet close, ending the most expensive and longest-running independent investigation in US history, and signaling what may well mark the sunset of the Neocon era.

Of course, the real battle's barely begun; the military-industrial complex can still manipulate the vote, but there are strong indications everywhere of a sea change that might yet bring America back on course.

First, there is Bush's shrinking support base for the Iraq occupation. The very antithesis of the Bush clan -- a smart, brave, capable, charismatic and radical socialist -- is well positioned to be the first woman in French history to ascend to the presidency, and in Italy, after his ouster, "we are not assholes" Berlusconi is racing to avoid the slam,while his successor makes good on a long-promised campaign pledge to withdraw from Iraq.

Tony Blair is faring even worse than George in the polls, and in Australia, the equally-despised John Howard is testifying in connection with bribes to the Hussein regime.

Among the troops, a flood of desertions (thanks in no small part to the efforts of GI Rights Online) is indicative of the growing unpopularity of the occupation -- fully 72% of American troops in Iraq support ending it this year.

Two days ago, the sixth retired Pentagon general called for the ghoul-in-chief's resignation; it's no secret how hated he is for cowardice, sociopathic indifference and incompetence -- qualities which naturally earn "heckuvajob" plaudits from the Pretender in Chief.

Next, among the tsunami of scandals threatening to engulf the Republican party is the recent disclosure that the man convicted for jamming phone lines during the 04 elections was likely taking orders directly from the White House -- likely from RNC chairman Ken Mehlman himself.

Now hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Americans have signed resolutions calling for Bush's impeachment -- along with the city councils of San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Chapel Hill, NC and seven other towns and cities, five state Democratic parties and 19 local Democratic committees, all of whom have passed legal resolutions seeking impeachment "from the bottom up".

But then, just when you thought it was safe to have a vagina.... the latter-day Cromwellians have succeeded in forcing childbirth upon South Dakota women -- even victims of rape or incest.

And in their insanely zealous pursuit of "tur-rists" our torturemasters-in-chief are teaching lessons our kids are learning all too well. The brownshirts are widening the net and there are nasty, nasty plans in the works with results more disastrous than any the Bushites have visited upon us heretofore.

Thus, the time is now, and somebody's got to say it.

Quote of the Day:
"President Bush has said that he does not need approval from the UN to wage war, and I'm thinking, well, hell, he didn't need the approval of the American voters to become president, either."
-- David Letterman


The Professor said...

I must admit to only feeling the need to check one of your stories, but the desertion information is not only mis-represented by you (it's not a "flood" at .24% of the total force) according to the story you cited it has actually dropped, not only since 9/11/01 but also from the numbers in 2000. Last I checked, Bush wasn't in office in 2000.

This did have me wonder--are you doing this intentionally? Are you really a conservative attempting to make liberals out to be "fact twisters" and liars?

The Prof

RogerARTcom said...


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The Professor said...

perhaps you would want to address the actual points made in my blog? The reasons for desertions? The fact that the numbers are lower than even in 2000? The simple fact that, had you read the story you cite, you would have seen that according to the Navy about half of all deserters return within 6 months?

Or perhaps, you only know how to respond with profane speech, and vitriol?

(And for grins, let me ask this--why allow comments to be submitted, if you will never allow them to be posted?)

New American Patriot said...


You are trying too hard.

Tsk tsk....

Aren't they keeping you busy enough in Rockledge?

Do have a chat with the professor. Go to, little boy....