Saturday, April 22, 2006

Breaking: 75-year-old Grandmother Headed for Guantanamo

Rueters -
4 hours ago

NEW YORK - In a move some Republican strategists suggest might spell problems for an increasingly unpopular White House, Grannies for Peace member Doris MacInshaw was yesterday declared an "enemy combatant" and flown to Guantanamo Bay, where she now awaits interrogation.

MacInshaw was arrested for rioting and battery at a military recruiting center last October, and yesterday allegedly assaulted a Marine sergeant at a state university.

Said Michael Brunell-Stevens, Division Chief of Homeland Security's Gamma Force, "This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated in a time of war. Securing the homeland is and must be our top priority. Showing lenience only gives comfort to our enemies."

He added that MacInshaw will be spared the more "extreme" forms of interrogation " long as she continues to cooperate with our ongoing investigation".

When asked to comment, George Bush replied with characteristic resolve: "We will not sit idly by as these threats gather, and we will continue to act before dangers are upon us."

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales spoke with the press corps briefly, hinting at new draft legislation that will allow preemptive action to prevent future such disruptions as the country prepares for possible tactical nuclear strikes against Iran.


jimbo said...

Fatherland Security, Bushit and his whole administration can go fuck themselves with this intimidating horseshit. Come get me you horseturds. I'll be glad when these jerkoffs come tumbling down, I'll do a dance on your destroyed reputations, soon enough is my eternal hope. Spring Granny!

Anonymous said...

Good One

Anonymous said...

That is a good one man

Anonymous said...

Where's the beef?

margie hastings said...

I am horrified at the treatment of granny. This is like a Russian to gulag treatment!! I am 64 years old--and I do everything I can to warn others about this regime. I do not attack folks physically but write, talk and sit in on this regime.

Bringing this news to others (not shown on tv) is patriotic and I am thankful for you!!

Anonymous said...

"Rueters"? Not Reuters? How come this story can't be found anywhere on the internet? There's no mention at Grannies For Peace or Michael Moore's site, who just posted about the Grannies on Thursday.

I suspect this is baloney.

Anonymous said...

obviously fake.

Anonymous said...

obviously a fake

citizen shelly said...

Hi, is this story true? I'd like to post it myself on my blog, but only if there is another source besides yours. I looked it up on Google and couldn't find anything.... please email me if you have a link. thanks!