Tuesday, December 06, 2005


With the Republican Party floundering about in its recent sea of difficulties, I thought it only right to offer a little assistance as it were.

It's become patently obvious that the party of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, the PNAC, Diebold, Enron and Halliburton has diverged significantly from its roots -- the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower, a party which once had some semblance of honor.

Thus, with the death of the Grand Old Party as such, the current group which has seized the reins of power finds itself in something of an identity crisis. Not to worry, however, as we liberals -- the adults -- are always at hand to clean up in the wake of the integrity- empathy- and reason-challenged infants across the Congressional aisle.

And so in the spirit of genuine, deep-seated hatred, revulsion and horror, I offer the following alternative mascots and pet names to the new party we all know and despise.

First there's the obvious POP (Party of Pork):

And, of course, the MOD (Merchants of Doom):

The TOB (Treacherous Old Bastards):

There's always the other POP (Party of Pestilence) to consider, for helping heap disease, ruin and misery upon so many:

Of course, there's always the distinguished-sounding GUI (Globally Unwelcome Interlopers), for their missions of dubious sanity and calamitous result across the globe:

The Party of Poison is an excellent option, I'd hazard:

Next we have the CAD (Crazed and Dangerous):

And finally... well, I leave this one to your imagination, kind reader.

Quote of the Day: "Politicians, like bombers, seldom see their victims..."
-- Donald Boudreaux


Debra said...

Absolutely excellent, and funny.

Thanks for the laugh.

Dave said...

Great post! Great links!

Anonymous said...

How about the "Grand Ole Porker" instead of the POP (Party of Pork)?

Anonymous said...

I like the first example, but the rest would go over the heads of most republicans. If the goal is to insult them, keep it simple; a star-spangled GOP elephant = a star-spangled rat.

Anonymous said...

i submit this.. though it is some 30+ years old....


Anonymous said...

What's with the GOP stars being upside down, and therefore pentagrams? Party of Satanists?

New American Patriot said...


Four words: Bohemian Grove

Alex Jones