Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Word of Explanation....

Folks, welcome one and all.

Most interesting having a cursory look at our recent visitors. People from all over the world are cruising by for a look-see. Looks to be about 30 countries around the globe. Thanks for the visit. Hope to make it worth your while.

A word of explanation though. In addition to studying Japanese and PC networking, I've taken on a part-time job at an engineering firm, so the contributions to the site will have to be limited to about once or twice a week.

Look for an update on our history of international and domestic American intelligence and governmental abuses by the end of the week. Compared to the first installment, it's a corker, as they say in Hollywood.

The purpose of the series is to show just how outrageous the past abuses have been, so as to alert the non-initiated as to the duplicitous depths to which we have sunken and are likely to again, barring adequate civilian vigilance.

Today, our liberties hang by a slender thread indeed -- a thread sorely stretched. Remember the tremendous sacrifices and courage of our forebears. Don't let it all be for naught.

Quote of the Day: Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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