Friday, July 15, 2005

Houston: We Have a Problem....

You know... It's amazing; the first whiff of...


and the crazies come in a buzzing cloud like flies to...


And they're so angry and full of...


and elementary spelling errors and accusations and hatred.

See here's the deal: the modern Republican party has become the party of the expedient knife in the back, the party of lies, the party of the billion-dollar smash-and-grab, the party of hypocritical depravity, the party of torture, the party of blood-soaked money and callous disregard for humanity and the Earth.

They're morally bankrupt and it eats at them. That's why they get so upset. Deep down they know their hearts are black and they'd sell their own country and neighbors down the river for a second car and a swimming pool. They know they ripped off the election and got away with it and they're frightened of losing their grip on power.

See, the problem with an overwhelming need to control is that it's like a cancer: inside, it spreads fear that can only grow and grow, because reality has this strange habit of not allowing itself to be controlled by mere humans -- at least not for long.

They're scared... shirtless... of the day they have to face up to the horrific mess they've created. This, folks, is the rage of denial.


But enough yuck yucks at the expense of the overly-compensated lowbrow set.

It seems Wormtongue has found himself a little wiggle room in claiming that he didn't tell Novak about Wilson's wife being a deep-cover CIA agent, but that Novak told him.
Well, that's all good and fine, until the point at which Rove decided to have a little chat with Matt Cooper and commit a little treason in the name of comeuppance.

And of course we don't need to touch the ridiculousness of the "doh... I didn't say her name" happy horsehoofery, but he also disclosed the CIA front shop, making him doubly liable, it would seem.

Update: Apparently, and this hasn't seen a lot of coverage in light of the present circumstances, but KARL ROVE WAS FIRED BY BUSH SR. FOR LEAKING TO ROBERT NOVAK BEFORE!!!


Quote of the Day: "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?" -- Jesus Christ


publiuspatriot said...

Is publicly inciting vandalism against a public servant how you characterize a "whiff" of dissent? I call it base thuggery myself. How about participating in the market place of ideas instead? Oh right the only one you have is "Haliburton did it! Bush lied people died!"


ThomasMcCay said...

Reading through the inane gibberish anonymous righties send in response to my own blog and the blogs of friends, I have come to the conclusion that the Republican right, the American Christian right, have no moral centre.

Mass murders,lies, election tampering, the destruction of property rights for ordinary Americans, directly damaging national security for political revenge, systematic torture, the daily murder of Iraqi civilians,means nothing to them.

Lame, really lame excuses for unspeakable acts of hypocracy and moral corruption in the highest offices, indicates an utter lack of a moral base.

And yet, they continue to claim the moral high ground from a deep pit of hatred, bigotry, and money worship.

Right is wrong, good is bad, up is down. Like you said, they hide and lie and play unending games with the truth, because they know they are evil. They know their motivations are base, vile, cowardly, and completely self serving.

The moral centre of neocons and the Christian right, is a void.

New American Patriot said...

Wow, well said.

Michelle said...

I agee, that was definitely well said. Also, great blog. I love it :)